Collision 29: May 2019

Found image from a craigslist ad for a computer monitor

screenings (some basic definitions)

Ioannis Tsitsovits

embedded /ɪm'be.dɪd/ adj. 1 constituting a permanent, discernible feature of something: a miniature glass porthole is embedded in the plastic. 2 firmly fixed or incorporated, as into a surrounding mass: they are not so much in possession of the data as they are embedded in them.

film /fɪlm/ n. a thin layer, coating or haze: the window was glazed over with a film of frost. • v. to produce, direct or otherwise engage in the making of videos or motion pictures: in filming and broadcasting herself, the process of accounting for herself had rippled outward; it was a novel form of self-examination.

home /həʊm/ n. the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives, especially as a member of a family or household: I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home. • v. to be aimed or move towards a destination or target: high-precision missiles are able to home in on enemy assets from hundreds of kilometres away.

ocular /'ɒk.jə.lə/ n. the lens (or group of lenses) at the viewing end of an optical instrument: having passed through the specimen, light is focused by the objective lens and then magnified by the ocular before entering the viewer’s eye. • adj. of or relating to the eyes or vision: the ocular features of humans are highly unique, which renders them ideal for biometric recognition.

tape /teɪp/ n. a narrow strip of material that is often sticky on one side: it was covered up with tape to prevent light from passing through it. • v. to record sound or pictures on audio or video: this conversation might be taped for later reference.