COLLATERAL provides a multilingual online platform for encounters between text and image, between art and analysis, and between critical and artistic research. COLLATERAL is committed to modes of meticulous reading that interrogate and trace the migration of artefacts’ meanings and forms beyond cultural, linguistic, and disciplinary borders. Every issue clusters a number of interventions—artistic, literary, critical, and/or theoretical—around one text, image, or video. Staging interventions that test the limits of customary disciplinary and generic conventions, COLLATERAL affirms critical reading as a practice that confronts even as it resists a damaged world.


Editorial Team

  • Dr. Arne De Winde (University of Leuven / PXL-MAD School of Arts, FRAME Research)
  • Dr. Sofie Gielis (PXL-MAD School of Arts, FRAME Research)
  • Dr. Oliver Kohns (University of Luxemburg)
  • Dra. Hannelore Roth (University of Leuven)
  • Prof. dr. Pieter Vermeulen (University of Leuven)
  • Prof. dr. Esther Peeren (University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies)

Design & Development

Oliver Ibsen (

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PXL-MAD School of Arts
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